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Are you a Real Estate professional and believe that ad platforms for agencies and MLS networks are not enough to obtain qualified contacts? You don’t consider yourself a door-to-door seller but instead a serious and prepared professional? Are you looking for an advanced approach to receiving new customers? WeAgentz specializes in helping people compare, choose, and contact the best Real Estate agent based on their needs.

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How will we change the way a Real Estate professional is searched for?

Buying or selling a house is one of the most important decisions a family or firm have to make. Thus, choosing the right Real Estate agent that will help you find your dream house, or the right buyer, is a fundamental decision. WeAgentz is an ambitious project that was created to help people find the most suitable professional to match their need, whether it is to buy, sell or rent property in a specific area.



New customers obtainable everyday


Most importantly: free from restrictions

WeAgentz is a new way for Real Estate professionals to be found online, which exhibits their certification and competences.

How it works

Created by professionals for professionals, WeAgentz is a new objective and transparent form of showing the capabilities and abilities of the Real Estate agents. All the references are sincere and verified.


WeAgentz was created to help people search for and compare Real Estate professionals by providing reviews from past and present customers.


WeAgentz’ purpose is to optimize the specific capabilities of all the Real Estate agents. Their major is at the base of each profile, and customer reviews confirm and highlight the specialty of each realtor.


Thanks to WeAgentz, people will only need a few minutes to search for and efficiently contact the best professional, selecting him/her based on their needs.


We look at quality, not quantity. WeAgentz allows Real Estate agents to be recognized by clients based on their local region of interest. We value Real Estate agents’ professionalismthat supports the clients.


Proficiency and trust support the users and professionals

WeAgentz is a website that establishes professionals based on the promotion of their own successes. WeAgentz is a small search engine that contains what is needed to generate selective and specialized contacts.

WeAgentz uses realtors’ curriculum, experiences, skills and successes to help people in one of their most important decisions in life. At the same time, realtors obtain a qualified client that perfectly marche with their strenghts.


Instill trust by creating value


Many people today will look through many Real Estate advertising sites in search for an authentic source. WeAgentz searches for new ways to help realtors increase their online presence, which would provide new opportunities to ensure a progressive and growing future.

More information?

WeAgentz doesn’t aim to substitute larger Real Estate methods of advertisement.

WeAgentz is an exclusive network that serves the purpose of protecting the professionalism of the Real Estate agents by providing value to their specialty. Potential users interested in buying or selling property can consult professionals’ profiles, choose, and contact the agent that offers the best services.

A reliable network

Only realtors that have professional licenses and are regular subscribers for the Chamber of Commerce can be a member of WeAgentz.

Transparency is the future

The professional market has changed, we know that. As a result, WeAgentz serves to create new innovative technology aimed to “produce more with less”.

The web is your reputation

A colossal transfer of knowledge is constantly happening. Thus, professionals of today and tomorrow have to work harder and keep personal branding in mind.

Join the evolution

We put the Real Estate professionals in the center

Why should you use WeAgentz instead of the traditional word of mouth? The difference is economical. We provide people with the suitable professionals.

Work with prospective. Now more than ever realtors and real estate professionals need to generate new contacts to gauge the value of their work.Thanks to the combination of an intuitive software and data studies, we are able to help professionals expand and connect with customers.

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WeAgentz. Your perfect Real Estate Agent.

Discover a new way to promote your professionalism and your experience

National and International marketing is essential for real estate. Although there has been technological progress to research properties, there hasn’t been an innovation to promote real estate professionals while matching owners and buyers to the right agent.

Thus, WeAgentz wants to offer new methods and instruments with a new perspective that will generate short, middle and long term results.




Transparent and reliable

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Every realtor fights to find sustainable methods to obtain highly qualified prospects. Free from organized policies, WeAgentz utilizes the skills expressed by professionals, embracing an important and complex challenge in the new Real Estate market.

  • Complete personal profile
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited references
  • SEO friendly
  • Personalized URL
  • Specific and transparent
  • Free from bonds


The Italian platform is already online!

The Italian version of WeAgentz platform is already online. It works only for Italy and Italian real estate agents. But you can take a look to see how it works.

Watch the italian platform

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